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Welcome to Blind Living Radio

Tune in every week to hear host,  Harley Thomas, along with special guest hosts, discuss life in the blind community. We will cover topics ranging from life with a guide dog to advances in assistive technology. Nothing is off limits on Blind Living Radio.


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Meet the Host

  1. Harley Thomas

Harley is sighted and has worked at IB Milwaukee for the last four years. Over time he has, not only gained an incredible amount of respect for the blind community, but achieved a greater understanding of the challenges and obstacles they face every day. He will also tell you how well they overcome them.

As a member of IB Milwaukee's corporate leadership team, Harley is intimately involved in many aspects of the organization including marketing, sales, recruitment and ecommerce. He is passionate about the company's mission, as well as raising awareness for their cause. He is also a huge proponent of humor, especially in the work environment. Who says work can't be fun?

Harley hopes to contribute that fun-loving humor into the shows, as well as share insights into what it’s like to have the privilege of working with the blind and visually impaired.


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